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Loosely Coupled Gradebook Presentation @ TTIX 2009

The slides for my presentation at TTIX 2009 about BYU’s loosely coupled gradebook project.

And a link to the UStream capture of the presentation.

  • Cool presentation...even cooler concept. In my current more continuing education role these days, gradebooks are just not high on our priority. Ultimately it is (job) performance that is more critical, but we don't act as the gatekeepers or measurers of that (for good or ill).
    My initial reaction is open yes, but there's sure a lot of places where this can break (lots of links in the chain), but your emphasis on digital literacy dictates that everyone be a little more tolerant of temporary failures, broken links and possibly that you learn to re-publish assignments on alternative sites.

  • Modularity does come with the possibility of increased "outages," but I think that's a manageable risk. We have lots of inter-dependent systems right now, so I don't think the increased risk is significant.

    With regard to multiple copies, our librarians have been using the term "LOCKSS" -- "Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe." Not a bad digital literacy competency in and of itself.

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