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WordPress iPhone App

September 27th, 2009 jonmott Leave a comment Go to comments

Just discovered the free WordPress iPhone app. Great way to write short posts on the go. This post is mostly to see how it works … and to note that technology never ceases to amaze me.

Why is it that with such amazing technological affordances available to us we haven’t significantly and demonstably improved learning???

  • Well that could get several essays as a reply. Here are just two thoughts (and I'm focussed on university education here):
    1. I think there are some pockets where technology has genuinely improved learning but these are often in areas that are unreported on or overlooked in universities. Often because they come about as a result of some creative and innovative academic subverting or going outside of the institutional system.
    2. By and large universities are very unsophisticated organisations, are loathe to innovate and pay lip service to teaching and learning. I really don't think that many of them have the organisational maturity or capability to implement the process changes that surround mainstreaming successful educational innovations that lead to better outcomes for students.
    Just a couple of initial thoughts.

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