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Hi. My name is Jon Mott and I’m the author of this blog. Its title, “The End in Mind,” comes from my intellectual and practical focus on the purposes of technology. While I readily confess to being a techie at heart, I believe technology is only as good as the problems it solves. For more on this, read my post on “Beginning with the End in Mind.”

A bit about me . . . I’ve been working in the teaching & learning technology trenches for 15 years. I started building websites for my courses at the University of Oklahoma in 1995. Everyone was buzzing about this cool new thing called “the web” and you had to download software (via FTP) called Netscape Navigator to “browse” it. It seemed like a great way to share content with my students, so I jumped in. (I built my first web pages using Netscape Composer.) My wife and I also developed and maintain a large and sprawling American government and politics website that averages 50k visitors a month (http://thisnation.com). When the dot.com bubble burst, I needed a real job. So I applied and was hired as an instructional technologist at BYU. The rest, as they say, is history. This blog is my attempt to collect my thoughts and share some interesting (I hope) insights about how technology has / can / should transform teaching and learning.

I am currently serving as the Assistant to the Academic Vice President – Academic Technology at Brigham Young University where I am also an adjunct professor in Instructional Psychology & Technology. I also teach in the Master of Public Policy program.

For more about me, check out my profile on Linkedin . Or you can follow my daily meanderings on Twitter.

  • The Myngle courses change!

    Myngle, the leader in online language learning, would like to share with you some of the big changes coming your way!

    We have enhanced our course creation process to allow teachers to choose and customize their lessons as they wish!
    Here are the changes:

    1) Teachers can add asynchronous learning resources, to be used by the students before or after their classes:

    * Add podcasts, flashcards, youtube videos, games or newspapers to their courses.
    * Upload pdf, doc, ppt files to the courses.
    * Record podcasts in the Myngle Library and add them to the courses.
    * Link and add content already present in the Myngle Library or the Myngle Shop.

    2) Teachers can sell these resources or offer them for free.

    3) Teachers can set these resources as public or private.

    4) In the payment page, students have the option to buy lessons as well as "extra study resources".

    Be sure to contact us to learn more about these changes and how Myngle continues to evolve and lead the online learning revolution!

    Best Regards,

    The Education team

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