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Mott, J. and Wiley. D. (2009). “Open for Learning: The CMS and the Open Learning Network,” in education, 15:2.

OpenEd 2009
Open for Learning

2009 Independent Study Instructors Conference
Improving Learning … with Technology

10 June 2009 – Blackboard Client Strategy Council
Measuring the Value of Your CMS (pdf & ppt)

This is an updated version of this presentation with Winter 2009 Semester data. While this presentation focuses on measuring the value of CMS / LMS technology, the model is generalizable to the value assessment of any learning technology.

5 June 2009 – TTIX
Building a Loosely-Coupled Gradebook

The slides for my presentation at TTIX 2009 about BYU’s loosely coupled gradebook project.And a link to the UStream capture of the presentation.

The Transformation of Learning with Technology:
Learner-Centricity, Content and Tool Malleability, and Network Effects

Written with Michael D. Bush. Appeared in the March-April 2009 Edition of Educational Technology Magazine.ABSTRACT: Educational visionaries and reformers have long predicted a significant transformation of teaching and learning that would be facilitated by technology, essentially providing every learner with the equivalent of a personal tutor. Technology implementations in education, however, have consistently fallen short of achieving these lofty aims. The authors argue that this failure stems from a penchant to implement technology in ways that automate that past. Instead, we must champion learning technologies that are learner-centric and malleable, such that they address the needs of individual learners and can take advantage of the power of network effects. Only then will we realize the long-awaited transformation.

Social Networking & Learning
Presentation to the BYU Webmasters Group, 5 February 2009.

Link to slides:

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